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    Prophesied by THE MAN OF GOD, THE MIGHTIEST PROPHET OF THE LORD JEHOVAH YHWH, THE TWO WITNESSES OF REVELATION 11, Prophet Dr. David Owuor, Live via, June 29th, 2018.

Well, now, beloved people, The LORD, JEHOVAH spoke with me this night –this morning, precious people, about 3 a.m. in the morning ...The LORD, JEHOVAH YHWH spoke with me. And, I know that we are now preparing, you are preparing, we are all preparing now to get to Nairobi for the upcoming meeting. Preparations are on high gear now. People are moving up and down ...mobilizing. Tremendous time at this time. A tremendous hour in the Church. And, uh, Going everywhere ...going, talking to people, getting the cripples, gathering the cripples, its an awesome time in the land when the cripples are being gathered.

And, uh, The LORD has done a big thing in this land. He has done a lot of healings, just June 10th, -this year- 2018. And, so, right now, the whole nation is stirred up. It's amazing, it's very shocking, it's very shocking to see the stirring of the entire nation, universities, churches, villages, lands, towns, towns everywhere. The announcement, that The LORD is coming to visit. The LORD is coming to visit. 

Loudspeakers, trucks, pick-ups with PA systems, it's a shocking thing to see this revival. And, in the backdrop of that, there is more than a hundred cripples that have walked, blind -37 plus, deaf, mute ...this is a big thing, beloved people, what The LORD is doing in this country. Well, uh, this night, The LORD, JEHOVAH begun by speaking with me about somebody in the hospital.

So, HE took me to the hospital, showed me someone -he's a man- I can see that he is a man, it looks like it's a man with a huge swelling in the abdomen, the stomach, very big, very, very big, all the way from the chest down --very swollen. And, the doctors have said, "No," there is nothing they can do, it is going to kill him. And, the LORD is going to heal this person because HE is going to allow me to decree the tremendous healing anointing of LORD from Central Park Nairobi and it would really go all the way and will strike you know --the sick and heal them and set them free, you know -it will touch them. So, The LORD has continued in that conversation and what is coming to Nairobi is historic. This is going to be an Historic Visitation of the LORD.

And, I know that your Bishops and your Senior Bishops and the organizers of this meeting --the Archbishop himself, the Senior Archbishop and the rest have been working overdrive. They are now working on overdrive to prepare you because Nairobi is very cold as you can see we are in the heart of the winter right now and the temperatures can really go down. So, all that arrangement and protocol and procedure is surely being observed. When they tell you, let the stick remain in the hospital beds -don't pluck them off the ICU machines. Now, you see The LORD has confirmed; HE has now confirmed that HE'S going to heal people in hospitals and in their homes; those who are critically ill. And, that is the conversation The LORD was having with me as the first prior conversation showing me that people are going to be healed.

HE took me to a hospital. I could see this man whose tummy and chest and stomach is very huge, very swollen, it is very unsightly to look at him. Death has beaten him --has stung him. You could see that death has stung him. And then, The LORD totally dissolves that and sets him free and his stomach goes flat, the tumors or whatever it is, dissolve out and he becomes normal. 

So, there is going to be a big visitation, that is what The LORD is saying. The visitation in Nairobi is going to be astounding and very shocking. A very unbelievable visitation will take place; the biggest ever since the Bible was written -will take place here- in Nairobi and it will cover the entire land. So, if you have loved ones that are critically ill in the ICUs, the Intensive Care Units, the HDUs, High Dependency Units on just leave them there. God has now spoken this night and He has spoken with me about the Massive Healing Anointing that is going to come at that tremendous visitation now said that HE is going to decree.  He is going to cause HIS Servant to now said, He is going to decree is going to cause HIS servant to decree from here and they will be healed across all the hospitals in this land. And, you know,that the LORD has spoken with me about the Massive Healing Anointing that is going to come at that tremendous visitation.

Prepare the Way, beloved people. The Messiah is Coming. This is He about whom it is written in Malachi chapter 3. That behold I will send My Messenger and He shall prepare the way before me and the LORD whom you seek shall suddenly come to HIS Temple.


"Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts."

May the Lord bless you. Shalom Toda, Toda Boker Tov; which is, good morning in Hebrew. Shalom


Beloved people, I want to come to you this night —it is about a quarter past midnight East African time— and bring you this wonderful news —as you have heard. That the Word Explosion that is planned; this gospel explosion that was planned for Nairobi —that is going to take place in Nairobi— has now become the Grand Mega Healing Service of the LORD. 

This is the Super Glorious Grand Mega Healing Service of the LORD. And that is why the LORD took me and walked me behind the Throne Room, and showed me the tremendous flourishing of the leaves of eternity, the leaves of life, the leaves from the Tree of Life. And the LORD presented a tremendous healing anointing —a fresh healing anointing— that is going to strike, that is going to hit this land. 

It is such an amazing time of revival and blessedness. The LORD seems to have opened floodgates of healings in this land. The LORD JEHOVAH has spoken with me, that this meeting that is taking place in Nairobi is now going to be a Grand Super Mega Super Glorious Healing Service that —for the first time— will take place in Nairobi. And it is going to be the most shocking healing service ever there is going to be the largest, the most historic healings of JEHOVAH. 

And you have seen how the LORD has spoken all the way from the residence in Nairobi to all the different stadias that are gathered, and the cripples have walked. Right now we are talking about over a hundred cripples —just more than about two weeks or so ago. 

But now the LORD Almighty has now opened this tremendous floodgate of fresh healing anointing. This is going to be the most historic healing anointing —strike the meeting, hit the meeting— and many, many, many, many, many cripples at one point are going to get up and walk. It is going to be chaotic. Many many blind eyes will open; it is going to be chaotic. Many many many deaf ears will open, it is going to be chaotic. Many many many mute tongues will be loosened and they speak. It is going to be absolute holy chaos. Many many many lame legs are going to be stretched, others columns are going to be added; others are going to be stretched and pulled to step down in the normal way and given strength and strengthened. Many lame will abandon their crutches and walk away. Many paralytics will get up and walk, be able to jump and leap and run around and do things in life as normal. Many wounds will be healed. Many cancers will be healed. Many many conditions of the heart, conditions of the liver —the spleen. 

The LORD is going to heal in historic numbers He is going to dry wounds, He is going to delete HIV/AIDS also. The LORD is going to do massive things. Even psychosis, people who are mentally ill are going to be set free. This is going to be the most historic healing annointing that hit the land ever since the LORD sent me. 

So this is such breaking news, wonderful news, because it is as though the LORD shut the door on Australia and He took it away from the Australians and placed in the hands of the Kenyans. It is such a shocking way to love these people that have chosen to humble and listen to His voice and repent and turn away from sin. 

So there is going to be a historic healing anointing, a mighty, mighty, historic healing service, with an astronomical heavenly healing anointing, never seen before since the Bible was written. And so now you can bring all your cripples, all your blind, all your deaf, all your mute, all your paralytics, every condition. Those wounds, those who cannot speak, those who are mentally ill. Bring all of them and the LORD is going to set them free in masses, in batches, in large numbers. And these healings are going to be so massive, they will begin on Friday when people get into that field in Nairobi at Central Park. 

This is going to be the most historic healing service ever taken place upon the face of the Earth. It is going to be shocking. It is going to shock you. It is going to make Menengai look like a small meeting. So this is going to be the biggest ever in the capital city of this land. There is going to be a massive visitation of Heaven. 

And the LORD took me to the New Jerusalem and He showed me this flourishing of the Tree of Life and there was a crop that yielded. And the LORD presented tremendous leaves, powerful leaves, the healing anointing of JEHOVAH that is going to bring tremendous shocking healing to this land. This is going to be the biggest meeting in the history of this nation. It is going to be the biggest gathering in the face of the whole Earth. 

Beloved people this is a great disposition of love and the LORD is using all this to ascertain to you —to establish to you and affirm to you— that the Messiah is coming. And it is going to be such a shocking time. I see He is going to allow some people to see His Two Dreadful Prophets ministering at the same time and they are going to shout and cry, "This is Elijah! This is Elijah!" 

It is going to be a tremendous time in the history of the church. And this is meant to prepare the church —prepare the nations— for the glorious Coming of the Messiah. And that is why the LORD is now opening up the floodgates of Heaven, that He may visit many people, set people free, that He may be able to deliver them 
—the lunatics also. 

So many, many, many, cripples are going to get up at one point. It will be confusing because cripples will be walking several different directions and many blind will be seeing in different directions. Some will be seeing for the first time asking, "What is this?" It will be a shocking moment. Many many deaf ears will pop open and become very sensitive, many mute tongues, paralytics, many lame, spinal cord injuries. People are going to be healed of all conditions —plus cancers. Including those with wounds —leprosies are going to dry up, the pus is going to dry up over the bodies of people, HIV will be deleted from the blood, leukemias and cancers, mental illnesses they will be set free and become sane and memory restored. 

It is going to be such a massive healing anointing that the LORD has now released towards Nairobi. To set the people of this nation free. To bless them; to bless this land. It is going to be a shocking time; a historic visitation. This is the most Mega of all the Grand Mega meetings, and the most Glorious of all the Super Glorious meetings, that will take place in the face of the Earth. And this is a sign to prepare the way for the glorious Coming of the Messiah. 

The LORD is doing so to be able to treasure —to present— before the nations how much He places a premium on repentance, on righteousness, on the return to holiness. He has premiumed, He has prized, He has put a premium on righteousness, on holiness, on repentance. And that is why He has decided now to open the floodgates of Heaven, and for the first time now He is going to introduce His Mightiest Two Dreadful Witnesses globally, and before the capital city of this nation. 

So now I bless all the people of this land and those that will come from other nations to partake of this tremendous visitation of the LORD. It is going to be a mighty, mighty, visitation never seen before since the Bible was written; to prove to you that this is the Messenger He promised, and that the Messiah is Coming. 

How awesome. How refreshing a time. What a mighty, mighty, time for the LORD finally to reveal the latter visitation, the latter glory, that He promised. Finally the LORD is unleashing the glory. The LORD is going to set His people free —love His people. People that were not counted anymore —written off. They were written off by the systems of this world because they have no appliances, no medical equipment, to address their situation. But now the LORD JEHOVAH has opened the floodgates of Heaven, and He is sending me to Central Park. He is sending me to Nairobi now to bring a tremendous, massive, healing across the entire land that they may prepare for the glorious Coming of the Messiah and that He may also now reveal his most Dreadful Prophet Elijah. This is the hour. This is the moment when there is a historic visitation in church —in the body of Christ. 

And He will use this to shake the nations. To let them know that the Messiah is Coming and coming soon, and the greater need for them to prepare: reject sin, turn away from wickedness, turn away from immorality, lies, falsehood. That they may now harken unto holiness and righteousness and prepare for the Coming of the King the Messiah my LORD. 

May the LORD bless you as you come. May the LORD bless you as you are healed, that the nations of the Earth may now see the massive explosion of revival from the capital city of Nairobi —of Kenya, Nairobi to the ends of the Earth. This is going to be another level. It is going to catapult this revival another level. And many nations will be touched by this fire. 

May the LORD bless you in the mighty name of Jesus —as you come. 


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